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That is not a bug, it is a feature.

Another in a VERY, VERY, VERY long series of features.

Part 63,766) Office 2000

Microsoft just released a fix for their "Office 2000 Service Release 1". The Service Release 1 caused problems for users, including lost mail, and non functioning hyperlinks in Outlook 2000.

Sounds like a feature to me.

Email takes up way too much time. Look at all the time you save by not answering your e-mail. Who cares if your boss or customers retaliate for your uncivil behavior and force you to get a new job. You didn't like working there anyway.

Hyperlinks are another time wasting distraction. You didn't want to know about new office policies or changes in pricing for the customers. Besides, can't you explain to them that the problem will be fixed in the next service pack whenever Microsoft gets around to it?

Part 63,767) Active Directory.

You know, the Microsoft Directory Service (v1.0) that is supposed to be so much better than Novell's Directory Service (v8.0) that you are supposed to bet the farm on. It is supposed to be so much better than Novell's that you were supposed to do without a directory service for the last five years while waiting for it to come out.

Looks like it was worth the wait. Specially when you count all the extra features they put into it. Like, if for some reason you link more than 51 IP addresses (and keep in mind this is Microsoft's product for large enterprises), ALL objects in Active Directory disappear. In addition, it gives an error message stating that Active Directory is not operational when an administrator tries to access the Active Directory "Users and Computer", "Domains and Trusts" or "Sites and Services".

This sounds like a good feature to me.

It forces you to buy more hardware and software to run your network as you add more IP address to your network. It forces you to add more staff to support your systems to maintain all the extra hardware and software you added. And of course all the extra overtime it generates for the IT staff when this first happens, as no one has any idea why it is happening.

Now aren't you glad you are a supporter of Microsoft?

Aren't you glad that Microsoft spent five years debugging and testing Windows 2000 and Active Directory? Don't you wish all software companies spent as much time and effort working on their software?


I think that is what caused these kinds of problems in the first place.

-- The Cynical Optimist

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