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The New Three R's of Education

Ready. Release. Reload.

Why is the nation so horrified at young people firing off a few rounds? Could someone explain this to me? I just don't understand.

Everywhere you look, violence is encouraged. Little boys are given paramilitary toys to play with. Movies, TV (gangsters, westerns, cops, ...) and news (see crime and war live!!!), sports (boxing, wrestling, football, ...) all focus heavily on the violence the people in our society inflict on each other.

With the exception of the tobacco industry (advertising doesn't work, so just ignore that cartoon character who is the spokesman for our company, it couldn't possibly have any influence on children), everybody seems to agree that continued exposure to violence has an effect on the viewer.

They just disagree on how much violence should be in the diet of the average consumer.


They all seem to agree that portraying a healthy, intimate relationship between consulting adults is unacceptable.

I wonder why they don't want people to imitate something that?

So, lets make more teen slasher films instead. That is good clean fun.

I say, the students were simply doing what they have been trained to do since birth.

I say the students should be congratulated for a lesson well learned, and a job well done.

I say the students should be handed their bullet ridden, blood splattered diplomas, and a hand full of bullets and hurried on their way to a locked and loaded future.

They are now ready to join the military, the police state, organized crime, disorganized crime, ...

-- The Cynical Optimist

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