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The U.S.Government Encourages Mass Murder?

or, Just Say Yes To Drugs?

I finally understand why tobacco and alcohol are legal and why pot and heroin/morphine/crack/... are illegal.

Pot and heroin don't kill enough people!

How many times have you heard of people falling asleep when smoking a joint, which continues to burn, until it sets the room on fire, and then the building? None that I have heard of. You have to toke continuously just to keep the joint lit. With cigarettes, just light them, and leave them sit, and they will burn until the entire cigarette is gone in a puff of smoke.

How frequently do you hear about someone taking heroin/morphine/crack/... and then getting in the car and starting a multi-car accident? I am still waiting for the first one. Most addicts just go off in a corner and overdose, only killing themselves. How many times have you heard about someone getting drunk, getting in a car, and starting a multi-car accident? Too many times. And in many cases, it is the same people doing it over and over again. For some reason, the drunks seem to survive head on collisions well enough to be able to try it another time. Not so the people that the drunk drivers hit.

So, as far as I can tell, the main difference between legal and illegal drugs, is that the legal drugs cause many more deaths than the illegal drugs. And when the illegal drugs cause death, they normally only kill the user, and not innocent bystanders.

I think I am finally starting to understand the American government.

-- The Cynical Optimist

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