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How do we love thee Macro$lop?

Let us count the ways! (If we can find any!)

The OS that refused to run!

January 17, 1999

Office 2000 is expected to be released in the second quarter 1999. (The last I heard, it will come on 6 CD-ROMS.)

Windows 2000 is expected to be released in the third quarter 1999.

It looks like Macro$lop is once again looking out for the best interests of consumers! *NOT*!

The system requirements for Windows 2000 are a minimum 300MHz Pentium II and 64Mbytes of RAM. Hard drive requirements weren't even mentioned! Knowing how Macro$lop underestimates the needs of their software (anyone remember Win95 was supposed to be able to run [crawl?] on a 486-33 with 8mb ram), you might want to buy a powerful machine than that to try to run their new operating system. And if the distribution version of Office 2000 comes on 6 CDs, you may need a 4 or 5 gig hard drive just to load the office suite.

According to estimates in a recent article (Information Week - January 11, 1999 - Office 2000 Pricing Set), only about 33% of existing computers will be capable of running Windows 2000 software. (That is if you believe Macro$lops self-serving low-ball estimates of system requirements.)

Aren't you glad Macro$lop is giving you an excuse to upgrade you computer once again?

-The Cynical Optimist

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