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Eye gots a gooder edukation, y does whe knead moore lokal skool bonds?

The Attorney General of California recently mailed out a ballot initiative measure that among other things asks for yet more money for an education system (that is unable to educate), reduces the amount of votes required to borrow money (because voters are too disgusted with the current crop of criminals running our government to vote for anything that costs money), adds accountability requirements to the job (because just electing/hiring someone isn't enough any more to get that person to do what they are being paid to do), states how the additional funds will be used (because you know they will ignore the law anyway), ...

Collect more money for our current education system? When our school system switched from forcing students to learn to read and write, to learning how to feel good about themselves, they screwed up big time. They now think that by spending more money on fixing up the classrooms where the students are forced to sit will improve the system? How about getting teachers that can teach, get political correctness out of the curriculum, teach something useful, ...

Reduce the amount of votes required to pass a bill? People are getting tired of being ripped off by the government. So the people start voting against yet another way of gouging money from citizens. So the governments answer is to reduce the number of votes needed to gouge money from citizens. This is responsible government? I think a law should be passed that requires that 50 per cent of ALL registered voters, vote in favor of something to get it passed. Passing a law to require accountability for the government officials? Most government officials wouldn't recognize accountability for their actions if you beat them to death with the law books the laws are written on. How is passing another law going to help? You might as well pass a law repealing the law of gravity. You have a better chance of it working than of getting politicians working for the people that voted for them.

Require government officials to do what the law says? Fat lot of good that will do. Most government officials went to work for the government so they could collect bribes, and be above the law. How many times have you seen a politician apologize for what they did and claim that it won't effect their ability to continue doing their job, yet watched private citizens go to jail for years for doing the same thing? All politicians should be limited to two terms. The first in office, the second in prison.

Vote No On Everything.

Vote Against The Incumbent.

-- The Cynical Optimist

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