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Don't Ox My Gore

Why am I not surprised that Al "Hermann" Goreing is willing to get his minions to lie for, and with him, on national television, while trying to steal the national election?

Is it because he wants to steal other more valuable things later on, after he gets elected president?

I have disliked and distrusted Al Gore ever since 1985 (way before he invented the internet), when Washington housewives (of the rich and famous) attacked free speech (with the support of Al Gore and other politicians). Just ask his wife, Tipper Gore. The Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was founded by Tipper Gore and a group of women, who decided that since they were married to politicians, they were therefore qualified to censor music lyrics for the entire country. Among other things, the PMRC also decided that you needed warning labels on record jackets to protect the innocent.

WARNING: The inside fold out to this record cover is a work of art by H.R.Giger that some people may find shocking, repulsive or offensive. Life can sometimes be that way.

And yet, the above warning sticker, on the Frankenchrist album, by the Dead Kennedy's, or their record label, Alternative Tentacles Records, didn't stop the band or the record label from getting sued.

I wonder if the PMRC wanted/needed the stickers on the outside of record albums because they were incapable of reading, or maybe too stupid to figure out which music groups to persecute otherwise?

But gee whiz, the artist who painted the picture used for the poster, H.R.Giger, who would and could afford to defend himself didn't get sued.

The record store, Wherehouse Records (a large chain store), who would and could afford to defend themselves didn't get sued.

Only the band, The Dead Kennedy's, and their record label, Alternative Tentacles Records got sued.

I wonder if this means that the PMRC thinks we should only try to censor (persecute) people who can't afford to defend themselves?

What ever happened to freedom of speech in this country?

-- The Cynical Optimist

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