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Yahoo versus WebRing. Both lose.

Before Yahoo took over WebRing, I thought webrings were a good idea.

When WebRing was an independent entity, I had joined two webrings, put the code on my site, communicated with the ring masters, and everything seemed to be fine.

Then Yahoo! took over WebRing.

I still thought joining a webring would be a good idea. So, I tried to join four more web rings.

Boy was I wrong.

After spending a bit of time searching Yahoo!, I found four webrings that seemed appropriate for my site. Three of webrings had been abandoned by their ring masters. One was still active.

However, it was difficult to join the active webring. I tried putting the webring code on my web site. But every other time I viewed my page the webring code didn't work. So the ring master had to visit my site a few times before seeing that the code was there and actually working.

And one of the prior rings that I had joined previously, suspended me for some reason that is not obvious to me.

Net result.

I started as a member two webrings.

I tried to join four more webrings.

I am still a member of two rings (but not the same two I started with).

I guess the Yahoo! motto is If it ain't broke, break it. :-(

-- The Cynical Optimist

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