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Demon From Hell, or just a plain old fashioned Robber Baron?

Would you want this man managing your software?

If you thought Bill Clinton had pushed the limits on telling a lie with a straight face, all you need to do is watch Bill Gates and Microsoft Corp.

Bill Gates is a man who can write memo after memo about destroying every operating system and software company on the planet, and 2 years later, in front of a grand jury doesn't remember writing those things, and says that even if he did write those things, that was not what he really meant.

Bill Gates can stand up and with a straight face and say that what he does is innovation, yet I don't remember any technology that was good that came from Microsoft first!

This doesn't mean that Microsoft doesn't eventually steal the source code or force competitors to give them copies of it to include in the latest Microsoft product. They just don't create it first.

Bill Gates can stand up with a straight face and claim that if he is not allowed to release his product on time then the American economy will collapse.

When was the last time Microsoft actually met their projected release date?

Windows 98 = Mac 84. This is innovation? This is progress?

Why does Microsoft tell everyone how badly their old software sucked every time they release a new version of their software? Why are they dishonest about system requirements? Why don't they want people to learn to read text on a computer screen? Why are looks more important than functionality? Why is it important that the average user not understand how his system works? Why is a web browser an integral part of an operating system? Why do I think that an office suite will soon be an integral part of the operating system? Why?

- The Cynical Optimist

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